Pharma Logistics

Pharma Logistics

One-stop tailored solution for all your pharmaceutical logistics needs

In an industry where quality and compliance are critical, you can rely on Marquis Logistics Solutions to implement the highest standards of quality management and adhere to regulatory requirements for all your pharmaceutical logistics.

We offer a GDP Certified Pharmaceutical Logistics Service which is backed by our robust quality management system (QMS) and a dedicated team of logistics professionals to ensure the integrity of your pharma shipments.

In addition to our GDP and QMS systems, we also offer a range of packaging and shipping solutions to meet your specific needs.

Clinical trial logistics

Our robust supply chain network and country-specific legislation means we can handle time-critical logistics for both national and international clinical trials. As your strategic shipping partner, we’ll ensure that your products pass through customs quickly and comply with strict storage requirements, all designed to bring simplicity and peace of mind to your clinical trial.

Our Pharma logistics include:

GDP Compliant
Cold chain management
Strategic planning
Dry Ice Solutions
Pharma Packaging and Labelling
Contingency planning
Temperature monitoring
Tailored solutions
Global Network
Cold Chain Roundel

Cold Chain Pharma Logistics

We have the necessary expertise and resources to protect the integrity of your cold chain products. We use temperature-controlled packaging during transportation, while our specialist pharma packing solutions help to protect your products from damage and exposure.

Our warehouse facilities and refrigeration are regularly reviewed to maintain to meet GDP best practice.

Looking for a trusted logistics partner?

Wherever you are in the world, you will enjoy the same seamless service, combining local knowledge with a trusted global support network.

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